Your Authentic Self's Art of Fermentation Class

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on 17 August 2015
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Two weeks ago I went along to Your Authentic Self's Art of Fermentation class. I thought it would be a great idea to go along to increase my knowledge on fermenting. But it ended up being so much more!

Nic and Ness taught us everything we needed to know - including terminology, tips and tricks, plus necessary tools of the trade! We watched on as they made a variety of fermented veggies, water and milk kefir, kombucha, and jun (which we also got to sample!). But it didn't end there - we got to make our own sauerkraut! They took us through the steps and we followed. No one left empty handed... I am still watching and waiting for my sauerkraut to be ready to eat.

After the workshop I couldn't wait to make my own - I followed through and made four of the recipes we were taught. They didn't require as much time to ferment and I'm happy to say that they were a success!

If you are interested in making your own fermented foods then this class is a must - check out their website to view upcoming workshops and in the meantime starting saving your glass jars!

If you are new to fermented food and want to try what you are missing out on, we have a huge range instore including Peace Love & Vegetables, Raw Sisterhood, and Foley's Frothing Fermentation's.

We also stock a range of kombucha and kefir drinks from The Wholesome Pod, Amphore, Yogi Nectar, Tonicka, Good Brew and Mojo.

Visit Your Authentic Self's website to learn more about the classes they hold.

Authentic Self's workshop

Authentic Self's workshop

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