I'm a Maroubra local born and bred and I have always been passionate about health and wellbeing: physical, mental and emotional. I felt that there was something missing in the health space in the local area and that we had something special to offer - that is how the idea of Coco's came about!

I have always felt a sense of belonging in the tropics (possibly it's in my blood given that my mother came here from a group of islands in the Indian Ocean). In particular, I share a massive love and appreciation of our neighbouring Pacific Islands which I've been fortunate to have travelled to and still so much more to visit. I wanted to share this love by creating a mini slice of paradise amongst the 'busyness' and 'rush' which exists in our society. A calm and safe space for our customers with a warm and welcoming friendly vibe, which is how I've always felt visiting these beautiful countries. Our Coco's community share the same journey looking to better their health (or remembering how to) and sometimes this can feel like an isolating journey especially when you are misunderstood.

With so much division on the planet (which can even be seen in this industry when it comes down to what you eat, the times you eat or the diet you are following) we wish to create a sense of oneness, a reminder to self that we are all on this wellness path together. You are not alone, you are seen and heard, and we have created this loving space to support you the best way we can as we could all benefit from spreading some more aloha.

Coco's Wealth Of Health